Rose for Hips - Shrubs
All true species (or wild) roses will produce good crops of hips as well as a number of other roses with single flowers. Many roses produce beautifully coloured hips, which are highly decorative and can be used in flower arrangements. Hips also help to attract wild birds to the garden.
Rosa Gallica Officinalis
Large, semi-double, light crimson flowers, opening wide with golden stamens
Rosa forrestiana
Rosy-crimson flowers with creamy stamens. Hips, flask-shaped
Rosa moyesii 'Geranium'
Brilliant red with large hips.
Rosa rugosa alba
Continuous flowering. Large, orange-red hips
Rosa Rugosa
Large blooms followed by rounded orange hips. Repeat flowering
Rosa macrophylla
Clear pink flowers followed by bristly, long, flagon-shaped hanging fruits
Rosa setipoda
Well-poised blooms of clear pink fading to white. Big, flagon-shaped hips
Masses of blush-pink flowers in large clusters. Very fragrant.
Rose for Hips - Ramblers
Francis E. Lester
Huge bunches of small blooms with a strong fragrance. Masses of small orange hips in autumn
Kew Rambler
Wild Rose single flowers of rose-pink. Small orange-red hips
Pleine de GrĂ¢ce
Pure white single flowers followed by orange hips.
Rosa filipes 'Kiftsgate'
Massive heads of small, sweetly scented, creamy-white flowers followed by small, oval hips
Rosa Mulliganii
Perhaps the biggest of all climbing roses in this country. Small white flowers in clusters with orange-red hips
Rambling Rector
Strong, dense twiggy growth. Numerous small hips in autumn

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