Tree Roses
L D Braithwaite Tree Rose
With their large fragrant flowers and strong, bushy growth, many of the English Roses make exceptionally fine tree roses.

Tree roses are a great way to create height in the garden. It is important to make sure the surrounding roses are low-growing and are kept hard pruned so that they do not reach the head of the standard.

Tree roses make superb centrepieces for small gardens, giving a highly decorative, rather formal effect. In a large bed, a group of three or four planted together (about 2 ft apart) will look most impressive.

One traditional use is to plant two rows of tree roses, set some distance apart on each side of a garden path.

They will create focal points in smaller lawns where a tree might be too overpowering, or would cast too much shade.

All David Austin Tree Roses will repeat flower well, and are budded at a height of 3 ft. To create each tree rose, three buds are grafted onto a single Dr Huey stem.
David Austin's English Roses grown as Tree Roses
Winchester Cathedral Tree Rose
Masses of white blooms on a bushy plant. Delicious old rose fragrance.
Mary Rose Tree Rose
Pure pink rosettes freely produced. A delicious old rose fragrance with hints of honey.
Scepter'd Isle Tree Rose
Charming cupped blooms which open to reveal golden stamens. A powerful myrrh fragrance with a hint of musk.
Other recommended English Tree Roses
Charlotte, Standard
Exquisite soft yellow cups. Fragrant
Molineux, Standard
Rich yellow rosettes. Very fragrant
Grace, Standard
Lady Emma Hamilton, Standard
Tamora, Standard
Delicious fragrance. Glistening apricot color
Darcey Bussell, Standard
Sophy's Rose, Standard
Large, light red flowers. Fragrant
The Mayflower, Standard
Rose pink blooms. Very fragrant
Eglantyne, Standard
Charming soft pink rosettes. Fragrant
Wildeve, Standard
Soft apricot pink. Fragrant


26 October 2016