Shrub roses for partial shade
The English Roses enjoy areas of partial shade, providing that there is at least four to five hours of sunshine every day. They make a great way to brighten up a shady area. The main thing is to take care to avoid areas where there are overhanging branches and dry places where there would be too much competition from the roots of other trees and shrubs. In very hot zones some English Roses may prefer to be shaded from the height of the midday sun.

Most other shrub roses will grow in partial shade, especially the once flowering varieties. The most satisfactory are gallicas, damasks and albas. Repeat flowering varieties suitable include hybrid musks, rugosas, and ground cover roses.

Abraham Darby
A splendid, well-rounded shrub producing many magnificent blooms. Rich, fruity fragrance.
Benjamin Britten
Attractive red flowers with a touch of orange. Intensely fruity fragrance
Beautiful pure apricot blooms forming a perfect rosette shape
Graham Thomas
Pure yellow blooms with a fresh tea rose fragrance. Upright, bushy and vigorous.
Jude the Obscure
Strong, fruity fragrance with hints of guava and sweet white wine.
Kew Gardens
Large heads of single white blooms. Thornless.
L D Braithwaite
Bright crimson rosettes. Flowers freely with excellent repeating. Lightly scented.
Lady of Shalott
Chalice-shaped blooms with a warm tea fragrance.
Mary Rose
Old rose scented blooms produced with unusual regularity. Superb, bushy shrub.
Rosa Mundi
St. Swithun
Susan Williams-Ellis
Charming pure white flowers. Strong Old Rose fragrance.
Tam o'Shanter
Deep cerise-pink. A large shrub with superb repeating.
Tess of The d'Urbervilles
Large, bright crimson cups with a good old rose fragrance.
The Mayflower
Charming light pink blooms. One of the earliest to flower and last to finish.
Winchester Cathedral
Crocus Rose
Soft apricot blooms held in large clusters with a delightful tea rose fragrance
Gertrude Jekyll
Large, rosettes of rich glowing pink. A strong and perfectly balanced old rose scent
Golden Celebration
Giant, cup-shaped golden yellow flowers with a Tea scent
Hyde Hall
Medium pink, rosette shaped blooms. Exceptionally tough and disease-resistant
James Galway
Lovely warm pink blooms with a delicious old rose fragrance
Queen of Denmark
Large, beautifully formed, quartered flowers of soft glowing pink
Roseraie de l'Hay
A vigorous, dense shrub with crimson-purple flowers
Teasing Georgia
Cupped soft yellow flowers with a medium-strong tea rose fragrance
Climbing roses for partial shade
These roses are suitable for an open, north facing wall or other shady position. Again, they will require four hours or more of sun each day.
Abraham Darby Climbing
Benjamin Britten Climbing
Constance Spry
Magnificent clear pink blooms. Early summer flowering only. Strong myrrh scent.
Crown Princess Margareta Climbing
Glorious many-petalled apricot blooms. Strong fruity fragrance
Gertrude Jekyll Climbing
Golden Celebration Climbing
Graham Thomas Climbing
Pure yellow cups with a fresh tea rose scent. Superb climber.
James Galway Climbing
Large, neat rosettes with an old rose fragrance. Almost thornless.
Malvern Hills
A repeat flowering rambler bearing small, fully double blooms of rich coppery-yellow
A Shropshire Lad Climbing
A strong, healthy climber with peachy-pink rosettes. A delicious fruity fragrance
St. Swithun Climbing
Very large, open-cupped blooms of soft pink. Myrrh fragrance
The Generous Gardener Climbing
Charming softest pink blooms. A strong, delicious scent


27 October 2016