Roses for Fragrance
David Austin's English Roses are renowned for the strength and complexity of their fragrances. These include myrrh, musky, fruity, tea rose as well as the classic old rose scent. Here we highlight some of the most outstandingly scented English Roses.

Click here for a selection of English Roses with the classic old rose fragrance
Ambridge Rose
A fine English Rose myrrh fragrance
Charles Darwin
Strong and delicious fragrance varies between a soft, floral tea and almost pure lemon
A fragrance similar to old rose with a fruity note reminiscent of fresh peaches and apricots
Gertrude Jekyll
Large, rosettes of rich glowing pink. A strong and perfectly balanced old rose scent
Golden Celebration
Giant, cup-shaped golden yellow flowers with a Tea scent
Harlow Carr
Shallow cups of the purest rose pink with a strong old rose fragrance
Jude the Obscure
A very strong, unusual and delicious fragrance with a fruity note
Lady Emma Hamilton
Tangerine orange flowers with a strong, delicious, fruity fragrance
Scepter'd Isle
An outstanding example of the English Rose fragrance
Sharifa Asma
A distinctive and very beautiful fruity fragrance with aspects of mulberry and grapes.
The Generous Gardener
A delicious mix of old rose, musk and myrrh
William Shakespeare 2000
A strong, warm old rose fragrance.


28 October 2016