Thornless Climbers & Ramblers
The following roses are completely thornless or nearly so.
James Galway Climbing
Warm pink full flowers. Strong climbing growth
Mortimer Sackler Climbing
Open soft pink blooms. An extremely healthy climber
Snow Goose
A repeat flowering rambler. Small sprays of white pompon flowers
The Generous Gardener Climbing
Charming softest pink blooms. Makes an excellent climber
Z├ęphirine Drouhin
Great quantities of fragrant, deep rose-pink flowers. A most reliable climber
Thornless roses - Shrubs
A Shropshire Lad
Strong and healthy with peachy-pink rosettes. Delicious fruity fragrance.
James Galway
Warm pink blooms with an old rose fragrance. Very tough and disease-free.
Wollerton Old Hall
Glorious chalice-shaped blooms. Extremely fragrant.
John Clare
Perhaps the most prolific of the English Roses. Continuous light crimson flowers.
Mortimer Sackler
Soft pink flowers. Extremely healthy.
Rosa Gallica Officinalis
Large, semi-double, light crimson flowers, opening wide with golden stamens.
Queen of Sweden
Exceptionally healthy and bushy. Classic myrrh fragrance.
Tuscany Superb
Deep crimson blooms of semi-double flowers.


22 October 2016