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We believe that our collection contains a rose for almost every gardening need. David Austin's English Roses as a group are some of the world's most varied and versatile roses.

We are often asked for help to select trouble free, beautiful English Roses for different gardening needs. Click on the following gardening positions for a shortcut to our recommendations:

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Roses for large pots and containers
Young Lycidas
Large, deeply-cupped magenta-pink blooms. Wonderfully scented.
Munstead Wood
Velvety crimson blooms. Delicious fruit and old rose scent.
Anne Boleyn
Rosette shaped blooms produced in sprays. Exceptionally free flowering.
Lovely pure apricot rosettes. Delicious, warm fragrance. Repeats well.
Fragrant English Roses
Wonderful old rose fragrance with fruity notes of peaches and apricot.
Gertrude Jekyll
A very strong, rich and perfectly balanced old rose fragrance.
Golden Celebration
Strong scent of tea, developing fruity notes of citrus or lychee.
Jude the Obscure
Strong, fruity fragrance with hints of guava and sweet white wine.
Small shrubs for the front of the border
Sophy's Rose
Large bright red rosettes with a light tea rose fragrance. Very free flowering.
The Alnwick® Rose
Glorious pink blooms. Good old rose fragrance with hints of raspberry. Bushy, upright growth.
Beautiful, fragrant, upward-facing blooms held on strong stems. Compact, bushy growth.
Darcey Bussell
Deep crimson blooms. Short bushy habit. Enjoys heat.
Medium shrubs
Carding Mill
Wonderful blooms in mixed shades of apricot, pink and yellow. Strong myrrh fragrance. Reliable and healthy.
Crocus Rose
Large rosettes shaped creamy-white blooms produced freely. Tea scent. Elegant shrub rose.
Lady Emma Hamilton
Strong, delicious scent of citrus, grape and pear fruits. Tangerine yellow rosettes with attractive bronzy foliage.
Princess Alexandra of Kent
Giant glowing pink blooms, nicely-poised. Fresh tea fragrance.
Large shrubs
Large, soft pink saucer shaped blooms. Sweetly scented. An excellent garden plant.
Golden Celebration
A magnificent shrub rose producing many large, deliciously fragrant blooms.
L D Braithwaite
Bright crimson rosettes. Flowers freely with excellent repeating. Lightly scented.
Mary Rose
Old rose scented blooms produced with unusual regularity. Superb, bushy shrub.
Very large shrubs for the back of the border
Abraham Darby
A splendid, well-rounded shrub producing many magnificent blooms. Rich, fruity fragrance.
Crown Princess Margareta
Large rosettes with a strong, fruity fragrance. Excellent repeating.
Graham Thomas
Pure yellow blooms with a fresh tea rose fragrance. Upright, bushy and vigorous.
Mortimer Sackler
Very attractive, fragrant blooms held on almost thornless stems. Extremely healthy.
Hedging rose collections
Harlow Carr Hedging Collection - 10 Roses
Molineux Hedging Collection - 10 Roses
Sophy's Rose Hedging Roses Collection - 10 Roses
The Alnwick® Rose Hedging Collection - 10 Roses
English climbing roses
Graham Thomas Climbing
A magnificent climber with a strong tea rose fragrance. One of the best known of the English Roses.
Mortimer Sackler Climbing
Graceful blooms. An old rose scent with a delicious hint of myrrh. Extremely healthy. Almost thornless.
Teasing Georgia Climbing
Perfectly-formed rosettes with a tea rose fragrance. Excellent repeating. Strong and healthy.
The Generous Gardener Climbing
Charming blooms of the softest pink. Glorious scent of old rose, musk and myrrh. Spectacular.
Roses for small arches or pillars
A Shropshire Lad Climbing
Beautiful, large peachy-pink blooms. Delicious fruity fragrance. Healthy and reliable.
Crown Princess Margareta Climbing
Large rosettes with a strong, fruity fragrance. Excellent repeating.
James Galway Climbing
Very full blooms packed with perfectly arranged petals. Old rose fragrance.
St. Swithun Climbing
Lovely soft pink blooms with a myrrh fragrance. Excellent repeat flowering.
Roses for pergolas
Constance Spry Climbing
Only flowers once, but produces many large, soft pink blooms. A very strong myrrh fragrance.
Malvern Hills
An excellent repeat flowering rambler. Small double blooms of creamy-yellow.
Snow Goose
Small white flowers are produced in large sprays. Delicious musk fragrance.
The Pilgrim Climbing
Pure yellow blooms with a strong fragrance of classic tea, English rose and myrrh
Roses for vases
Golden Celebration
Magnificent yellow blooms produced freely. Strong scent of tea, fruit and sweet white wine.
Tess of The d'Urbervilles
Large, bright crimson cups with a good old rose fragrance.
The Alnwick® Rose
Deeply cupped blooms. A good old rose fragrance with hints of raspberry.
William Shakespeare 2000
Wonderful, quartered velvet-crimson rosettes with an old rose scent.
Tree roses (or standards)
Charlotte, Standard
Exquisite, soft yellow flowers. Tea rose scent. One of the most beautiful English Roses.
L D Braithwaite, Standard
Large, bright crimson blooms produced freely. Lightly fragrant.
Mary Rose, Standard
Delicious old rose fragrance with hints of almond blossom. A well-shaped, bushy plant.
Winchester Cathedral, Standard
A mass of flowers on a bushy plant. Old rose fragrance with honey.
Roses for landscaping
Harlow Carr
Shallow cups of the purest rose pink with a strong old rose fragrance
Sophy's Rose
Bright pink rosette-shaped blooms. Light tea scent. Flowers freely and repeats well.
The Mayflower
Charming light pink blooms. One of the earliest to flower and last to finish.
Rosette shaped blush pink flowers with a fresh fragrance. Particularly robust and healthy
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28 October 2016