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English Roses are a highly versatile group of roses which thrive in very different climactic conditions. They are widely grown in almost every rose growing nation in the world, including America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe and even areas of Russia.

The United States has many microclimates, some of which combine very challenging local conditions. If you have not grown English Roses before and live in zones 4-5 or 9-10, you might like to begin with roses listed for your zone below. English Roses can be found in rose gardens around the United States and there is no substitute for seeing (and smelling) English Roses growing in your area.
Roses for zones 4 to 5
Our roses are rated as tender, hardy or very hardy. Almost all the English Roses in our US collection are rated as hardy, which means that they can be grown successfully in zone 5. Our ratings are intended as a guide. Winter protection may be required in challenging microclimates or in periods of unusually extreme or extended cold.

The roses listed below are rated very hardy and are suitable for zone 4, with good winter protection. Many of these varieties are also grown sucessfully by gardeners in zones 3, although excellent winter protection is essential.
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Mary Rose
One of the most widely grown English Roses. A first class garden shrub.
Graham Thomas
Upright, bushy and vigorous. One of our best known varieties.
Gertrude Jekyll
A beautiful, strong and well-balanced old rose fragrance.
L D Braithwaite
Bright crimson blooms are produced freely. Repeat flowers well.
Winchester Cathedral
A mass of white flowers on a bushy shrub. Strong old rose and honey fragrance.
A Shropshire Lad
An excellent, reliable shrub. Strong growing and healthy.
Golden Celebration
Magnificent golden-yellow blooms with a delicious tea rose scent.
Brother Cadfael
Large, deeply cupped flowers with a strong old rose scent.
One of the most beautiful English Roses producing exquisite soft pink blooms.
The Mayflower
Charming medium sized flowers. One of the earliest to flower, repeating well.
Crocus Rose
Large rosette-shaped , creamy-white blooms on a healthy shrub.
Upward-facing blooms held on strong stems. Tea rose fragrance.
Roses for zones 9-10
English Roses are extremely healthy and vigorous in the warmer US zones. Their ability to repeat flower three or four times in a season means that some varieties will tend to get significantly larger than required if they are not summer pruned.

In the hottest areas of the US, many of our larger shrub roses have a tendency to climb. Vigor is a great asset in a shrub rose, provided that the energy of the plant is diverted away from merely producing great height into producing masses of flowering shoots on a nicely rounded shrub.

To achieve this, we advise summer pruning the more vigorous varieties when they are grown as shrubs in warmer zones (8 and above). This will help to maintain the desired height and will also encourage quicker repeat-flowering. The other great benefit of summer pruning is that it will stimulate the growth of a greater number of flowering side shoots.

The following roses will perform well when grown as shrub roses in zones 9 to 10.
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Abraham Darby
Numerous large blooms with a fruity fragrance. Summer pruning recommended.
Mary Rose
An excellent shrub with a delicious old rose fragrance. One of the best.
Darcey Bussell
Rich crimson rosettes on a short, bushy shrub. Pleasant fruity fragrance.
Jude the Obscure
A very strong and extremely delicious fragrance. Summer pruning recommended.
The Dark Lady
Large, scented blooms - a sumptuous mix of shades from crimson to dark purple.
Lady Emma Hamilton
Lovely tangerine-yellow blooms with a glorious fruity fragrance.
Flowers with exceptional freedom and continuity. Even upright growth.
Sophy's Rose
Attractive light red to deep pink blooms. Excellent, short compact growth.
Huntington Rose
Tall, arching growth. Large, nodding blooms with an old rose fragrance.
William Shakespeare 2000
Traditional quartered blooms with a delicious old rose scent.
A remarkable distinctive fragrance with hints of lilac and mimosa. Forms a short bush.
Snow Goose
This repeat-flowering rambling rose is excellent in the heat. To 10ft or more.
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28 October 2016