David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi
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David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi is designed to get roses and most other plants off to the best possible start in the garden.

It contains a broad mix of mycorrhizal fungi, with added beneficial bacteria and a balanced complex of biostimulants.

A 3oz pouch is sufficient for three bare root or containerised roses.

We've incorporated a resealable top into the pouch design, which will help to keep the remainder of the product fresh if you only plan to plant one or two roses.
What does David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi contain?
David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi contains nine different species of ectomycorrhizal fungi and nine of endomycorrhizal fungi.

A balanced complex of biostimulants – sea kelp extracts, vitamins and other ingredients - stimulate the roots and help plants cope with environmental stress. This can occur during transplanting or if the plant experiences drought.

David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi also contains six different species of beneficial bacteria that help plants to grow in various ways - in particular, by encouraging the release and uptake of nutrients from the soil.

How many roses will a pouch of David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi treat?
A 3oz pouch is sufficient for three bare root roses or three containerised roses.

How should I apply David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi?
The formulation is designed to be used when planting roses and other plants and trees. To achieve the best result, it is important to apply the Mycorrhizal Fungi as closely as possible to the roots of the rose.

With bare root roses or indeed any bare root plant, wet the roots just before planting. Hold the roots over the planting hole and sprinkle the appropriate quantity of Mycorrhizal Fungi over them. A proportion will stick to the roots and the rest will fall into the hole. The rose can then be planted.

Use the same technique for containerised roses and other plants, sprinkling Mycorrhizal Fungi around the root ball so that any that falls off will drop into the planting hole.

If you are using any type of fertiliser, including bone meal, at planting time, it is important to mix it thoroughly into the soil before planting so that the Mycorrhizal Fungi is not in direct contact with the fertiliser.

What are Mycorrhizal Fungi?
Mycorrhizal fungi are believed to have developed 400 – 500 million years ago. In the wild, most plants are highly dependent on them as they create a secondary root system that helps the roots to extracts water and nutrients out of the ground.

The new combination of ecto- and endo- types of fungi means that Mycorrhizal Fungi is effective on roses and nearly all other plants and trees in the garden.

When should David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi be used?
Use David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi when planting roses and other plants or trees. Mycorrhizal Fungi is not recommended for Brassicas, Rhododendrons, Azaleas and other members of the Ericaceous family.

It is designed to be effective in a wide range of different climates and is particularly helpful in poorer soil conditions or when roses are planted in areas where roses have previously been grown.

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26 October 2016