English Rose Collection Offers
Our collection offers include many of the varieties we know from experience are amongst the very best.

Please enter the English Rose Collection offer code (eg Offer A) in your basket before you select the roses you would like to purchase.

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Premium Collection Offers A & B
The roses in our premium collection are ideal for creating a magnificent mixed border, for large containers, or any kind of rose garden. These beautiful roses have exceptional repeat-flowering and disease resisitance. They are very reliable and easy to care for.

Offer A - choose four roses for $85 plus S&H
Offer B - choose eight roses for $160 plus S&H
Lady of Shalott
Teasing Georgia
Queen of Sweden
Harlow Carr
The Alnwick® Rose
Darcey Bussell
Princess Anne
Fragrant Collection Offers C & D
English Roses are renowned for the strength and diversity of their fragrances and here we offer a choice selection of our most deliciously scented varieties. These superb shrub roses are ideal for rose gardens, mixed borders and large pots and containers. They are not only beautiful , but also very free-flowering, healthy and reliable. Some of these varieties can also be trained as climbers.

Offer C - choose four roses for $80 plus S&H
Offer D - choose eight roses for $150 plus S&H
Jude the Obscure
Munstead Wood
Lady Emma Hamilton
Princess Alexandra of Kent
Scepter'd Isle
Claire Austin
Young Lycidas
Golden Celebration
Gertrude Jekyll
English Climbers Collection Offers E & F
The climbing English Roses are particularly useful as they grow to a height of 6-12ft and so are perfect for an arch, wall, obelisk or fence. They have the great advantage of good repeat-flowering and being clothed with flowers and leaves almost to the ground.

Offer E - choose two roses for $42.50 plus S&H
Offer F - choose four roses for $80 plus S&H
A Shropshire Lad Climbing
Graham Thomas Climbing
The Generous Gardener Climbing
Crown Princess Margareta Climbing
James Galway Climbing
Tess of the d'Urbervilles Climbing
How to order
Go to your basket and enter the offer code of the English Rose Collection you would like to buy, for example Offer A then click Apply. A list of the roses in the collection will appear. Select the roses you would like to purchase. Use the + and - buttons to increase the number of roses as required. Click on Complete Offer to add the collection to your basket.
Postage and packing charges
Please note that the following surcharges apply: A $20 S&H surcharge applies for Canada, Alaska or Hawaii. For other areas, additional S&H charges may apply. Please ask for a quotation.
If you have any difficulty placing your order, please call our customer service team toll free on 800 328 8893. Our office is open Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm and Saturday 8am - 4pm, Central Time.


24 November 2014