Highly Fragrant Collections
Fragrance can often be an important factor when choosing roses for the garden. David Austin’s obsession with the strength, character and quality of each rose’s scent means that the
English Roses offer an intriguing array of fragrances, which can be fruity, Tea, myrrh, musky, Old Rose or almost any mixture of these elements. Here, in this collection, we are
highlighting some of our most deliciously fragrant varieties.
Collection A - 4 Roses

Collection B - 6 Roses

Collection C - 8 Roses

Collection D - 12 Roses

Small Garden Collections
These English Roses, with their relatively short, compact growth and long flowering season, are the perfect choice for smaller gardens. They will mingle beautifully with herbaceous
plants, bringing weight and structure to small cottage garden-style borders. Their natural, bushy growth also makes them ideal for growing in large pots and containers, bringing
character, color and fragrance to small balconies, terraces and patio areas.
Collection E - 4 Roses

Collection F - 6 Roses

Collection G - 8 Roses

Collection H - 12 Roses

Highly Recommended Collections
We know from experience that the English Roses featured here are amongst the very best. All of these varieties combine exceptional beauty and delicious fragrances with outstanding
health, reliability and vigor. Ideal for traditional rose borders, mixed plantings or large pots and containers; these are such rewarding plants that even adding just a few choice varieties
to your garden can completely transform its character.
Collection I - 4 Roses

Collection J - 6 Roses

Collection K - 8 Roses

Collection L - 12 Roses

Climbers and Ramblers Collections
There are few more magnificent sights than a climbing or rambling rose in full flower. They can be grown in an assortment of different ways and places. Climbers and ramblers are most useful for softening or covering architecture, such as the walls of a house or building. They are also a wonderful way of creating a spectacular focal point, and bringing height to the garden, by clothing an arch, pillar, obelisk or pergola.
Collection M - 3 Roses

Collection N - 3 Roses

Collection O - 4 Roses

Collection P - 4 Roses

Collection Q - 4 Roses

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28 October 2016