Wall Calendar 2017

Our new Wall Calendar features stunning images from David Austin’s extensive collection of rose photographs. Each month features a beautiful rose image, captured by some of the world’s greatest garden photographers. The cover and contents may vary from the illustration shown. 305mm x 305mm.

The rose is one of the nation's favorite flowers. David Austin's 2017 calendar highlights some of the most spectacularly beautiful English Roses, shown in different home and garden settings. These inspiring pictures are sure to provide an uplifting glimmer of sunshine through even the coldest months of the year.

David Austin has been breeding roses for over fifty years, but many of our calendar roses are relatively new, having been introduced in the twenty-first century. Each English Rose introduction is different from the others in much more than just color, having its own unique character and beauty. This helps to make English Roses so very rewarding and almost addictive to grow and collect. In contrast to the charm and delicacy of their fragrant blooms, they are very tough, healthy, reliable and easy to care for. Most English Roses are grown as shrubs, but it is now recognized that our collection includes some of the world's most outstanding repeat-flowering climbers, which will reach around 6-10ft tall. Over the last few years, our revolutionary cut roses have transformed the world of floristry, bringing the charming forms and fragrances of old roses back to modern cut roses.

12" x 12".

Our calendar roses for 2016 are:

Jan: A Shropshire Lad
Feb: Lady of Shalott
Mar: Scarborough Fair
Apr: Princess Anne
May: The Poet's Wife
Jun: The Mayflower
Jul: English Roses at David Austin's Rose Garden
Aug: Harlow Carr
Sep: L. D. Braithwaite
Oct: Comte de Champagne
Nov: Cariad
Dec: Tranquillity

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29 September 2016