L D Braithwaite, Standard (Auscrim)
David Austin Recommended Variety
Patent No. 8154

Category Standard/Tree Roses
  (English Standard Roses)
Bred By David Austin
Color Red / Crimson
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Old Rose fragrance as the rose ages.
Repeating Good

This rose has the brightest crimson colouring of all the English Roses; standing out when viewed from across the garden. It is related to Mary Rose and has many of that rose's good garden qualities.

The blooms open wide and are slightly cupped. They are produced freely and flower with remarkable continuity.

There is little scent until the flower ages, when it develops a charming Old Rose fragrance.

Named for David C. H. Austin’s father-in-law, Leonard Braithwaite.

US Tree Roses are budded at 3 feet.

Price: $60.00 each

3+ $53.00 each


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23 October 2016