Heritage Climbing (Ausblush)

Category Climbing and Rambler Roses
  (Climbing Roses)
Bred By David Austin
Color Medium Pink
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Size Medium Shrub
Short Climber
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Fruit, honey, carnations
Repeating Good
Special Characteristics Repeat flowering. Perfectly shaped blooms

One of the most popular of our English Roses. The blooms are of perfect, cupped formation and of medium size; they are a very soft, clear pink at the centre, while the outer petals are almost white.

This is a flower of delicate shell-like beauty. The growth is excellent, showing signs of its grandparent Iceberg, with a smooth, rather ‘Musk Rose’ foliage and clean stems with only a few thorns.

It has a beautiful fragrance, with overtones of fruit, honey and carnation on a myrrh background.

Very useful as a climber with its long pliable and almost thornless canes. Clear pink blooms with a beautiful fragrance.

7 ft.

Price: $27.95 each

3+ $25.15 each


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26 October 2016