David Austin's organic-based Rose Food
All roses greatly appreciate a good fertiliser. Repeat-flowering varieties such as the English Roses need regular feeding to perform to their maximum. At the nursery, we use David Austin's Rose Food for all roses at the start of the growing season (mid March to April) and again in June after the first flush of flowering for the repeat flowering varieties.

David Austin’s Rose Food is specially formulated to release nutrients over a long period. It contains all the major and minor nutrients needed to promote healthy growth and flowering. It may also be used as an excellent all-purpose fertiliser, as it is suitable for most other plants in the garden.

Rose food is available in a 1.75kg (3¾lbs) pouch.

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General advice on feeding and spraying
Please follow the recommendations on the packet when using any rose food as excessive nitrogen can make roses more susceptible to pests and diseases.

The same applies to the use of rose spray. Repeated heavy spraying can be very harmful to roses in the same way that excessive antibiotics can be harmful for humans. If you choose to spray, do this early in the season at the first signs of pests or diseases. Always spray at or slightly below the recommended levels. If possible, avoid spraying immediately before a sharp frost as this can damage the foliage.
Slow release organic-based rose food

David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi helps roses establish more quickly


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03 September 2015