Shrub Roses
These varied shrub roses are the product of crossing various species roses with modern bush roses during the 20th century. Nearly all have something in common with modern roses in their overall character. They usually form quite large shrubs of 5 ft to 6 ft in height.

Many shrub roses can be relied upon to repeat flower given good conditions and they are therefore very useful garden shrubs, bringing colour when most other shrubs have ceased to flower. Although we can usually detect something of the modern rose in their make-up, their growth is generally graceful, spreading and shrub-like.

The flowers often have no very definite form, gaining much of their beauty from their massed effect.

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The result of crossing R. rugosa with garden roses, these roses have a very distinctive appearance. They form large, dense, shapely shrubs with plentiful luxuriant, rough- textured, deeply veined leaves, and will grow under poor conditions. The flowers are usually large, opening wide, many with delicious fragrances. Blooms may be anything from single to fully double. Most rugosas repeat flower well later in the summer and some bear large hips at the same time. Few roses are so easily grown or are so free from disease.

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Hybrid Musks
A valuable class, bearing their flowers in large trusses like a Floribunda, but generally of a much more refined quality. They have long, graceful growth and delicate colours. They flower profusely in early summer and intermittently later. Many have a delicious musky fragrance. They were mostly bred by the Rev. J Pemberton early last century. They are good border shrubs. Some of the shorter varieties can be grown in large beds if pruned more heavily. The taller varieties make excellent short climbers for fences or walls. They are only distantly related to the Musk Rose.

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Modern Shrub Roses
This heading is used to cover a wide range of shrubs of diverse origins. Most of them are crosses between modern bush roses and other stronger species or climbers.

This has resulted in some of the best shrub roses. They are all strong, robust and very free flowering, and most will bloom intermittently throughout the summer.

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Ground Cover Roses
In appearance, a rather variable group of roses that are, to a greater or lesser degree, wider than they are tall.

They are characterised by smaller flowers with fewer petals and being particularly free flowering, most repeating very well.

Those listed below are generally very tough and healthy,­ some completely so.

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