Rambling Roses
These important and useful roses deserve to be more widely grown in modern gardens. Click on the pictures for more information about the varieties shown, or to place an order for a bare root rose.
Ramblers usually flower with great freedom once a year, producing large sprays of small to medium sized flowers.

They send up strong, long stems from the base of the plant, which makes them ideal for covering large areas. They tend to require little pruning, except for the removal of older growth when this becomes too dense.

They often produce beautiful hips, which are much desired by the flower arranger.

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Francis E. Lester

Rosa filipes 'Kiftsgate'

Blush Rambler

Paul's Himalayan Musk
The ramblers illustrated here are:

Francis E Lester growing at Wollerton Old Hall in Shropshire (top right)

Veilchenblau (centre left)
Rosa Filipes 'Kiftsgate' (centre)
Blush Rambler (centre right)

Paul's Himalayan Musk (bottom left)

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English Climbing Roses


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