Standard Roses
L D Braithwaite Standard
With their large fragrant flowers and strong, bushy growth, many of the English Roses make exceptionally fine standard roses.

Standard roses are a great way to create height. It is important to make sure the surrounding roses are low-growing and are kept hard pruned so that they do not reach the head of the standard.

These roses make superb centrepieces for small gardens, giving a highly decorative, rather formal effect. In a large bed, a group of three or four planted together (about 2 ft apart) will look most impressive.

One traditional use is to plant two rows of standards, set some distance apart on each side of a garden path.

They will create focal points in smaller lawns where a tree might be too overpowering, or would cast too much shade.

All David Austin Standard Roses are budded at a height of 3 ft 3 in (100cm), except Weeping standards which are budded at 4 ft 3 in (130cm).

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Some English Roses growing as Standards
Winchester Cathedral Standard
Masses of white blooms on a bushy plant. Delicious old rose fragrance.
Graham Thomas Standard
Pure yellow cup-shaped blooms with a fresh tea rose fragrance.
Mary Rose Standard
Pure pink rosettes freely produced. A delicious old rose fragrance with hints of honey.

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