Roses for Fragrance
Fragrance can often be an important factor when choosing roses for the garden. David Austin, believing that “fragrance is the other half of the beauty of a rose” made it his mission to restore scent to the modern rose. His obsession with the strength, character and quality of each rose’s scent means that the English Roses offer an intriguing array of fragrances, which can be fruity, Tea, myrrh, musky, Old Rose or any mixture of these elements – in fact they have a far greater range than is to be found in any other kind of flower. Over the years, the English Roses have won many awards for their exceptional fragrances. Below is a list of fragrant English Roses:
Abraham Darby
A rich, fruity fragrance with a refreshing sharpness
Brother Cadfael
A rich old Bourbon fragrance, more intense in the heat
Claire Austin
Strong fragrance of myrrh, meadowsweet, heliotrope and vanilla.
Gertrude Jekyll
A strong and perfectly balanced old rose scent
Golden Celebration
Giant, cup-shaped flowers with a tea scent
Harlow Carr
A strong, classic old rose fragrance
Jubilee Celebration
A deliciously fruity scent: hints of fresh lemon and raspberry
Jude the Obscure
A very strong fragrance: notes of guava, citrus and sweet white wine
Lady Emma Hamilton
A strong, fruity fragrance: hints of pear, grape and citrus
Port Sunlight
Neat rosettes with a rich tea rose fragrance
Scepter'd Isle
An outstanding example of the English Rose fragrance
Sharifa Asma
A distinctive fragrance with fruity notes: white grapes and mulberry
Spirit of Freedom
A strong, fruity fragrance with aspects of myrrh
Strawberry Hill
A particularly fine myrrh fragrance
Summer Song
A lovely, strong mixed scent with hints of tea and bananas
Tea Clipper
Attractive rosettes with a lovely mix of tea, myrrh and fruit
The Generous Gardener
A delicious mix of old rose, musk and myrrh
Wild Edric
Old rose fragrance with pure clove-scented stamens
Young Lycidas
A strong and delicious scent of tea, old rose and cedar

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