Thornless Climbers & Ramblers
The following roses are completely thornless or nearly so.
Deep crimson flowered rambling rose
Bleu Magenta
Small violet-crimson flowers fading to palma-violet. Late-flowering rambler
James Galway Climbing
Warm pink full flowers. Strong climbing growth
Kathleen Harrop
Perpetual flowering light pink flowers. Strong old rose scent. Climber
Mme Sancy de Parabère
Beautiful, soft pink flowers that flower early. Rambler
Mortimer Sackler Climbing
Open soft pink blooms. An extremely healthy climber
Rose-Marie Viaud
Large clusters of small purplish-violet flowers. One of the last ramblers to flower
Snow Goose
A repeat flowering rambler. Small sprays of white pompon flowers
The Generous Gardener
Charming softest pink blooms. Makes an excellent climber
Dark magenta flowers with a rich orange scent. Rambler
Large sprays of cupped, crimson-purple flowers with a light fruit scent. Rambler
Zéphirine Drouhin
Great quantities of fragrant, deep rose-pink flowers. A most reliable climber
Thornless roses - Shrubs
A Shropshire Lad
Strong and healthy with peachy-pink rosettes. Delicious fruity fragrance.
Belle de Crécy
Abundant well-formed flowers on strong, arching growth
Cardinal de Richelieu
Darkest purple flowers with dark green foliage
Charles de Mills
Large, very full flowers with closely packed crimson petals
Empress Joséphine
Rose pink blooms. Good bushy growth
Large clusters of small, yolk-yellow blooms. Vigorous, bushy growth
Very large, flat, quartered blooms of lustrous light pink. Vigorous growth
James Galway
Warm pink blooms with an old rose fragrance. Very tough and disease-free
John Clare
Perhaps the most prolific of the English Roses. Continuous light crimson flowers
Mme Legras de St. Germain
Ivory-white blooms tinged with yellow. The most perfect flowers
Mortimer Sackler
Soft pink flowers. Extremely healthy.
Rosa Gallica Officinalis
Large, semi-double, light crimson flowers, opening wide with golden stamens
President de Sèze
Magnificent full flowers. A subtle mix of rich purple, violet, brown and grey
Rosa 'Complicata'
Brilliant pure rose-pink blooms with a large boss of stamens
Rosa Mundi
Crimson flowers, striped with white. Creates a very pleasing effect
Tea Clipper
Rich apricot blooms with a lovely mix of tea, myrrh and fruit fragrance
Tuscany Superb
Deep crimson blooms of semi-double flowers

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