The nursery runs one of the largest rose breeding programmes in the world. Around 150,000 hand crosses are made each year, which produce about 400,000 seeds. From these about 250,000 seedlings will germinate. Each year's new releases are selected after nine years of trials.

The new introductions are divided between the roses bred for garden use and those for cut flower use. Only three to six new garden varieties are introduced each year at the Chelsea Flower Show in May. All links on this page are to bare root roses.
New Introductions 2015-16
White with hints of pink. Intense myrrh scent. A very long flowering season.
The Ancient Mariner
Masses of large blooms. Strong myrrh scent. Healthy and vigorous.
Sir Walter Scott
Pretty little flowers. Strong old rose fragrance. Short and bushy. Very hardy.
New Introductions 2014-15
Olivia Rose Austin
Soft pink rosettes. Strong, fruity fragrance. Exceptionally healthy.
The Poet's Wife
Cupped, yellow blooms. Rich, fruity fragrance. Low, rounded growth.
The Lady of the Lake
Repeat-flowering rambler. Semi-double, blush pink flowers. Flexible stems.
New Introductions 2013-14
The Albrighton Rambler
Repeat-flowering rambler. Soft pink flowers. Exceptionally healthy.
The Lady Gardener
Large apricot blooms. Strong tea fragrance. Very healthy.
Thomas à Becket
Light red, informal rosettes. Old rose scent. Reliable and healthy.
Carolyn Knight
Large, soft gold flowers. Strong fragrance. Vigorous upright growth.
New introductions 2012-13
Perfect rosette blooms. Myrrh fragrance. Vigorous, healthy shrub.
Large rosette blooms. Tea and old rose scent. Healthy.
Royal Jubilee
Chalice-shaped blooms. Rich, fruity fragrance. Very healthy.
The Lark Ascending
Semi-double, cupped blooms. Exceptionally healthy and vigorous.
Pure white, rosette blooms. Vigorous, healthy shrub.
New Introductions 2011-12
William and Catherine
Beautiful, shallowly cupped blooms. Strong, pure myrrh scent.
Lady Salisbury
Very beautiful, fragrant blooms. Extremely free-flowering.
Wollerton Old Hall
Glorious chalice-shaped blooms. Extremely fragrant.
Fighting Temeraire
A vigorous and healthy shrub. Strong, delicious fragrance.
Queen Anne
Deliciously fragrant old rose flowers. A bushy upright shrub.
New introductions 2010-11
Princess Anne
Clusters of beautiful deep pink blooms. Long flowering season.
A large, airy shrub with semi-double blooms. Fragrant.
Susan Williams-Ellis
Charming pure white flowers. Strong Old Rose fragrance.
Maid Marion
Rose pink, rosette-shaped flowers. Fruity myrrh scent.
The Lady's Blush
Graceful, semi-double blooms. Attractive yellow stamens.
England's Rose
Glowing pink blooms. Strong, spicy Old Rose fragrance.
New introductions 2009-10
Lady of Shalott
Chalice-shaped blooms with a warm tea fragrance.
Tam o'Shanter
Deep cerise-pink. A large shrub with superb repeating.
The Wedgwood Rose
Charming old rose blooms. Fruity fragrance.
Kew Gardens
Large heads of single white blooms. Thornless.
New introductions 2008-9
Sir John Betjeman
Beautifully-formed rosettes of brightest pink. Light apple scent. Very healthy with excellent repeating.
Wisley 2008
Dainty, soft pink rosettes with a fresh, fruity fragrance. Vigorous and outstandingly healthy.
Young Lycidas
Large deeply cupped blooms of magenta red. Strong, delicious fragrance. Attractive, bushy shrub.
New introductions 2007-8
Claire Austin
Beautiful white cups on an elegant shrub. Strong myrrh scent with hints of meadowsweet.
Munstead Wood
Deep crimson blooms. Broad, bushy shrub. Strong old rose and fruit fragrance.
Port Sunlight
Rich apricot blooms. with a rich tea rose scent. Vigorous upright growth.
Princess Alexandra of Kent
Large, deeply-cupped, pink blooms. Delicious fresh tea fragrance.
Semi-double deep pink flowers open to reveal gold and white centres. Lightly fragrant.
New introductions 2006-7
Darcey Bussell
Rich crimson rosettes on a short, bushy shrub. Pleasant fruity fragrance.
Lady of Megginch
Large recurved rosettes. Fruity old rose scent with raspberry notes.
Lichfield Angel
Apricot buds open into domed creamy-white rosettes. Light clove fragrance.
Sister Elizabeth
Charming rose pink blooms. A short shrub with a classic old rose form and fragrance.
Strawberry Hill
Glorious pink rosettes. A fine myrrh fragrance with a hint of lemon
Tea Clipper
Large, quartered rosettes. Mixed fragrance: tea, myrrh and fruit.
New introductions 2005-6
Alan Titchmarsh
Beautiful rose with true old rose character. Strong arching growth.
Gentle Hermione
Blush pink blooms with many petals. Classic old rose fragrance with myrrh.
Lady Emma Hamilton
Rich tangerine-orange blooms. Strong deliciously fruity fragrance.
Summer Song
Sophisticated burnt orange blooms. Mixed scent of tea and ripe bananas.
The Shepherdess
Delightful apricot-pink blooms. Fruity fragrance with hints of lemon. Upright habit.
Wild Edric
Large velvety-pink blooms with a strong, delicious fragrance. Very tough and reliable.

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