Small Roses
This section gives a selection of low-growing roses, in the main reaching two feet or less. These are particularly useful for very small modern gardens. Even here, a few larger roses will help to vary the height and add style.
Patio roses
An excellent new group, somewhere between a miniature and a floribunda in character. They are larger and more robust than miniatures, frenquently having charming rosette flowers and neat, bushy growth. They are hardy and repeat well.
Peter Pan
Queen Mother
Miniatures grow to a height of between 12 and 18 inches, sometimes more according to growing conditions. They have been greatly improved in recent years and the newer varieties include some excellent bushy plants with prettily-formed flowers. They are useful for window boxes and tubs as well as very small gardens.
Little Flirt
Mr. Bluebird
Stars 'n Stripes
Dwarf Polyanthas
These have small rambler-like flowers produced in large, closey-packed bunches. Polyanthas are extremely tough and flower continuously. They form short, compact bushes ideal for the front of borders. These pretty little roses have recently enjoyed a return to popularity.
Katharina Zeimet
Marie Pavie
Miss Edith Cavell
Nathalie Nypels
Yvonne Rabier

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