Rosa 'Complicata'
David Austin Recommended Variety

Category Wild Roses and their Hybrids
Colour Pure Rose-Pink
Flower Type Single
Size Medium Shrub
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance None
Repeating None

This is one of the finest single roses. It is probably a hybrid of a Gallica Rose and R. canina, although it is very much a wild rose in character. R. ‘Complicata’ bears large, single flowers, about five inches across, of brilliant pure rose-pink, paling to white at the centre. The flowers are cupped at first, becoming flatter, each with a large boss of golden stamens. There is a light fragrance. Although it is only once-flowering, in mid-June the whole plant is covered with a mass of over-sized blooms. It has ample, large foliage and produces a good crop of red hips in the autumn. This is a very tough, vigorous and robust variety, which is reliable even in poor conditions. 5 x 6 ft.

Price: £14.50 each


PRE-ORDER: Bare root roses are delivered in November/December 2015.



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04 September 2015