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Most Fragrant Rambling Roses

Most Fragrant Rambling Roses

The majority of Rambling Roses are fragrant and because they arise from many different species of roses they produce a diverse range of scents. Some have the fresh, fruit-like fragrance of the Wichurana Hybrids, others, like the Multiflora Hybrids and Species Ramblers, have a Musk Rose fragrance which emanates from the stamens. However, it is possible to detect among ramblers most of the fragrances of the rose, and indeed other flowers. Ramblers have many uses – for arches, pergolas, rambling through bushes and into trees, covering unsightly objects, etc. Ramblers have the ability to send up strong, often lax stems from the base of the plant. Once a year, except where noted, they bear masses of small to medium-sized flowers, with many varieties producing beautiful hips in the autumn.

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