Rose Care Advice & Inspiration

Roses are easy to grow and are remarkably tolerant. However, with a little extra care and attention your roses will really thrive. Follow the rose care advice guides created by our rose experts to help you look after your rose plants or be inspired by our show gardens and articles on how to best use roses within your garden.

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a guide to deadheading

Deadheading after the first flush of flowers not only helps to encourage further blooms, but also helps to maintain a shapely and healthy plant.

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During warm weather it is most important to keep your roses well hydrated. Give your roses plenty of water and they will reward you with abundant blooms throughout the flowering season.

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Olivia Rose Austin, mid-pink English Shrub Rose, growing in a hige mixed border with tall deep red and purple companion plants.
Olivia Rose Austin, mid-pink English Shrub Rose, growing in a hige mixed border with tall deep red and purple companion plants.

Featured Inspiration

Roses in mixed borders

Mixed borders are not only the core of what makes an intimate and informal cottage garden but they are also the easiest way to use roses within a garden.


Roses are among one of the most versatile garden plants.Easy to care for, with a long flowering season, they can make a great addition to any outdoor space.

Latest garden inspiration

Rooftops with roses and style

Plant English roses in pots and containers to suit your personal style and place on your rooftop or balcony to fill your outdoor space with fragrance and color.

Create a two plant cottage garden

Plant English roses alongside English Lavender to create an easy upkeep, yet beautiful, cottage style garden.

illuminate your garden with yellow roses

Yellow roses are uplifting and illuminating, perfect for a positive touch of planting this year.

VOLUPTUOUS and vibrant pinks

Team the brightest pink roses with acid yellow foliage. The combination will provide a wonderfully fresh and vibrant feel to your garden.

latest shrub rose advice


Pruning your roses is a relatively simple, yet incredibly effective way of encouraging plentiful blooms and fresh new growth come the summer months.

mixed borders in a Cottage Style garden

Use English roses alongside your choice of other plants to create colorful, fragrant borders.

How to Plant a Bare Root Rose in a Pot or container

Plant your bare root rose in a pot or container with our easy step-by-step guide or watch our 'How to' video with our Rose Expert.

Creative containers

Choose a classic terracotta pot or a more unusual container in which to plant your favorite English roses. Read more to discover ways to get creative with containers and roses.

latest climbing & rambling rose advice

A floral facade

Convert your house to the English countryside cottage of your dreams by planting a fragrant and repeat-flowering climbing rose next to your front door.

Regency romance

Romantic, opulent and beautiful, roses are the perfect partner to achieve regency style. White English roses are a particularly timeless classic that will bring true elegancy to any outdoor space.

How to prune an established climbing rose

Pruning your climbing rose at the right time will result in a thriving plant with plentiful blooms. Read our article or watch our video tutorial to see more.

How to Plant a Bare Root Climbing Rose

By following these simple steps, you will ensure your bare root climbing rose gets off to the best possible start.