Nye Bevan (Auspital)

English shrub rose

This new variety is a truly delightful English Shrub Rose bearing small-medium sized unusual open cupped flowers of soft yellow, which pale gently to cream over time. The scallop-shaped in-curved petals, are almost heart-like in shape and are loosely yet generously assembled around a central boss of golden stamens creating a soft, feather-like appearance. Borne in well spaced sprays, the central petals of each bloom are deeper in colour, which is captivating especially during the spectacular first flush of blooms. It forms a very healthy, medium-sized shrub with mid-green, semi-glossy foliage and light myrrh fragrance.

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Nye Bevan

Size: Medium Shrub 3.5ft  x 2.5ft
Colour: Pale Yellow
Flowering: Repeat
Fragrance: Light-medium, Myrrh
Bloom size: Medium
Ideal for: Rose hedges, pots & containers, mixed borders, rose borders

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aneurin Bevan

There are few people in the world who can be truly credited for improving the lives of so many for generations to come. Aneurin Bevan is one of those people. Born into a working class family in Wales in 1897, Bevan, having left school at 13, went to work in a coal mine where he became involved in local union politics, and then went on to become a member of the Labour party becoming a leading figure in the 1926 general strike.

Two years later he became an MP and a prominent voice in political circles. After World War II he was appointed as the Minister of Health in Clement Attlee’s new Labour government - the youngest member of the cabinet at 47. He led the establishment of the UK's National Health Service to provide medical care to all at point of need.

"The collective principle asserts that ... no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means."

- Aneurin Bevan