Terms & Conditions

1. Prices

We reserve the right to update our product and shipping prices at any time, without notice. Prices of confirmed orders will be honored. Where a pricing error has been made, and an order has not yet been delivered, we reserve the right to cancel the order or offer the items at the correct price.

2. Availability

Roses take approximately two years to produce and occasionally a variety becomes sold out. Therefore, we will substitute a similar variety if we think it reasonable and no other instructions are given. Please make clear your instructions regarding substitutions, using the space allotted on the Order Form.

3. Special offers

We're sorry that promotional offers cannot be combined. Please note that all David Austin Roses offers exclude gift vouchers.

      4. Order confirmation

      Customers are required to supply an email address and we will automatically send you an electronic confirmation, notifying you when your order has been placed.  UPS will notify you of tracking number when shipped.

      5. Guarantee of quality

      We aim to grow and ship roses of the highest quality, but, with living plants, it is inevitable that problems occasionally arise. If, when you receive your roses, something appears to be wrong, please let us know quickly. If the plant fails to grow in the first 5 years, we will replace it, if the fault is ours. Simply phone our toll-free number to request a Replacement Form and it will be mailed out to you right away. Your kind feedback will assist us in identifying and correcting occasional problems.

      We cannot be responsible for abnormal weather conditions, nor other circumstances beyond our control.

      Our roses are grown on virus free root stock and inspected regularly throughout the season for the presence of virus. While we cannot guarantee complete freedom from virus, in the very unlikely event of you receiving an imperfect plant, we will, of course, replace them free of charge.

      Ideally, your plants should go in the ground when temperatures are between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit and we try to ship to you when those temperatures are reached. Orders received too late for your area will be carried forward to the following season or, if specifically requested, can be shipped to you, but the guarantee would then be no longer valid. You will be informed of approximate shipment date with the acknowledgment of your order. If you wish to receive your order during a certain period please note this on the order.

      6. Terms – Payment with order

      Normal terms of business apply, whereby your account will be debited when the order is placed. For orders by mail customers are requested to send Payment with Order. Checks should be made payable to David Austin Roses Limited.

      7. Gift vouchers/ cards

      David Austin Roses gift vouchers/ cards are accepted in payment for any of our mail order services, but we are sorry that we cannot currently accept them through our online ordering system. Gift vouchers/ cards and credit notes can be redeemed by sending them by mail with your order or by calling our customer service team on 800 328 8893. Please note that our gift vouchers/ cards are valid only when buying from David Austin Roses direct and may not be redeemed at any other nursery or shop. All David Austin Roses offers exclude gift vouchers.

      8. Color Representation

      Living roses cannot be accurately represented by color print. Most of our roses will gradually change color as they develop from buds to fully open blooms, creating a glorious mixture of shades on the same plant. Strong sunlight may cause rose petal colors to lighten significantly. This effect may be restricted to the petal edges or may affect the whole bloom. We guarantee all our roses will be identified correctly, but cannot guarantee their colors will not be affected by sunlight.

      9. Texas Sales Tax

      For orders billed to anywhere in the state of Texas please add sales tax at 8.25%.

      10. Delivery

      For more information on delivery information, please click here.

      11. Returns and Refunds

      For more information on refunds and returns information, please click here.