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Roses are amongst one of the most versatile garden plants. Easy to care for, with a long flowering season they can make a great addition to any outdoor space.

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Climbers & ramblers

With their colorful blooms at head height, climbing roses are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. We love ours covering the front of a house, trained over an arch or simply growing up a garden fence.


New for 2020

Emily Brontë, Tottering-by-Gently, The Mill on the Floss

Three new wonderful roses - each unique in their own way and ready to make an impact in your garden.


Featured Rose Care Advice

how to deadhead a rose

During the flowering season, deadhead your roses by removing the finished blooms, in order to encourage further blooms and improve the appearance and shape of the rose.

There are two stages to deadheading, in our easy guide on 'How to Deadhead a Rose', we take you through both stages, showing you how to do it.

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