The colour of roses, and accompanying plants, is a matter of personal taste, but there are a few simple guidelines you can follow to make this decision a bit easier. Decide if you want to stick to varying shades of the same colour or select something brighter for a more eclectic feel. There is a rainbow of rose shades to suit every taste.

Find the perfect rose colour

Colour is a matter of personal taste, but you can also be swayed by the meaning behind the different shades. For example, red is synonymous with romance, while yellow is a sign of friendship and white can symbolise spirituality and new starts. The great thing about roses is that their shades tend to pair well with most companion plants and will fit in seamlessly to their surroundings.


Perfect Pinks

The most versatile shade within our rose collection, pink roses never go out of style and can be used to either lift or soften beds, borders or backdrops. From the softest blush to the brightest magenta, you can create a multitude of styles.


Radiant Reds

Take inspiration from alluring deep-pink reds, and the scarlet tones of burgundy. Set these rosy reds within a mixed border to create a rich focal point to add brilliance and sparkle to even the simplest garden with a combination of these shades.


Glowing Apricot

You can create a spectacular effect with roses in orange shades. Bright and vibrant, the deepest orange shades will bring heat and drama to mixed border designs, whereas the lighter, more delicate shades can add a subtle pop of much needed colour.


Apricot Awe

The alluring shade of an apricot bloom is packed with charm and can be the perfect partner to other coloured companions. Modest in its display, large blooms of this elusive shade are easily incorporated into your garden to create a warm and inviting feature.

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Illuminating Yellows

Add a touch of vitality to your garden with yellow roses, from a bashful primrose through to a rich daffodil and a buttery yellow in between. Elevating radiance within your borders, these shades look wonderful when balanced with grey or silver toned foliage and also paired with other vibrant tones such as chartreuse.


Wondrous White

Simple, elegant and timeless, planting in swathes of white is unquestionably impactful. Make a breathtaking statement with a blanket of pristine white roses amongst the green of a garden, combining different bloom styles for a touch of complexity.


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