Gertrude jekyll

English Shrub Rose and English Climbing Rose

At a glance....

Colour: Fabulous, bright glowing pink
Flowering: Repeat
Fragrance: Strong, quintessential Old Rose
Flower Shape: Flat rosettes, 4" across
Breeder: David Austin, 1986

  • One of our most loved roses, twice voted the UK's favorite rose.
  • Flowers early on, repeating throughout the summer.
  • The perfectly balanced scent is often described as being the quintessential Old Rose fragrance

Gertrude Jekyll

shrub rose

The shrub rose is ideal for growing in a pot or container to brighten up a patio. It also works as a great focal point in a mixed bed.

shop shrub rose

Gertrude Jekyll

climbing rose

The climbing version of this rose is ideal for covering a dull wall or fence.

shop climbing rose

behind the name

First bred by David Austin over 30 years ago, this rose was named after the influential garden designer and horticulturist Gertrude Jekyll.

Jekyll was instrumental in developing garden design as we know it  today. She was particularly interested by the use of colour and texture, writing a number of books on the subject.

In her lifetime she designed over 400 gardens, many in collaboration with the architect, Edwin Lutyens, including her home Munstead Wood and Hestercombe, Somerset, UK.

The best purpose of a garden is to give delight and to give refreshment of mind..."

Gertrude Jekyll

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