Let mesmerising scents guide you...

Inspired by Old Roses, David Austin Snr passionately believed that fragrance was intrinsic to the beauty of a rose. Choose from a varied palette of fragrance types and indulge in their heady scents.

Few garden plants are as fragrant as roses, and it is our firm belief that this fragrance is an integral part of what makes a David Austin rose. Not only is it a wonderful addition to the beauty of a rose, but fragrance itself evokes many emotions and triggers more than just our sense of smell. Our sense of smell connects with the part of the brain that is responsible for emotion and memory. As such, scent plays a very important role in our emotional identity and making our memories. A smell can transport us to a place or a person in a second – it’s an instantaneous emotional journey. 

Emily Bronte - Light Pink and Apricot English Shrub Rose

Pictured above: Emily Brontë (Ausearnshaw)

Princess Alexandra of Kent, bright pink English Shrub Rose

A certain perfume reminds us of our childhood, or a certain rose scent may rekindle memories of our grandmother’s garden. Thereare endless examples here, but it is hugely powerful and magical – a fleeting image flies through our mind. We can’t quite grasp it, but it feels so real, just for a second.
Roses and their fragrance have become synonymous with one another thanks to Mr Austin’s dedication to pairing the unique charm and fragrance of much-loved Old Roses with the benefits and repeat-flowering qualities of modern roses. It is rare for us not to want to smell a rose when presented to us and to delight in the varying scents that an English Rose bestows. To learn more about the array of fragrances found in our English Roses, view our Rose Fragrance Guide.

Different ways to use fragrant roses


Reinvigorate one of the most common and sometimes, quite dull, features of your garden by clothing it in beautiful, fragrant roses to create a focal point.

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Form a floral entranceway where the beauty and scent of your fragrant roses can be enjoyed every time you walk through. Make sure you choose the right vigour for your arch size.

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Have a bit of fun with your garden by growing fragrant roses in pots. Place pots in areas that you frequently walk past to really enjoy their scent and beauty.

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One of the most joyous aspects of growing roses is being able to cut a few blooms and enjoy their scent indoors or as an alfresco dining centerpiece. Cut just as the flowers open and place in water immediately.

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Adorn your porchway with pretty petals, combine with a heady scent and impress visitors every time they arrive. For a fabulous finish, choose a colour that complements its backdrop.

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Choose vibrantly coloured, highly fragrant roses to enchant passers-by. Let them spill out over the border for a classic English country garden feel and embrace the beauty of a true English Rose.

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