Introducing Eustacia Vye & Gabriel Oak

We are delighted to be introducing two new roses, each one making its own special contribution to the diversity of our collection. Creating a new rose takes patience, dedication and expertise, with each rose being carefully selected from 120,000 seedlings over a nine year period.

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New Varieties: At a Glance 

All the top line information you will need, from shrub and bloom size to color and fragrance type. Discover the settings in which these new varieties can best be used to help you make an informed decision. 


Eustacia Vye

Size: Medium Shrub 4ft  x 3ft
Color: Mid pink and apricot
Flowering: Repeat
Fragrance: Strong, fruity
Bloom size: Medium-large
Ideal for: Rose borders, pots & containers, mixed borders, shady areas
Zones: 4-11

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gabriel oak

Size: Medium Shrub 4ft  x 4ft
Color: Deep pink
Flowering: Repeat
Fragrance: Strong, fruity
Bloom size: Large
Ideal for: Rose borders, pots & containers, mixed borders, cutting, rose hedges.
Zones: 4-11

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Behind the Name

Both of these new varieties have been named after characters from literary classics by the author, Thomas Hardy.


'Eustacia Vye' was named after the flawed heroine from The Return of the Native (1878). A sensual, exotic beauty, she feels trapped by her humble surroundings and dreams of a more exciting existence elsewhere. Her restless nature results in her becoming embroiled in a love triangle, which leads to her eventual undoing.

'Gabriel Oak' was named after the beloved character from Far from the Madding Crowd (1874). A dignified, hardworking and honest man, who is at one with the natural world; he remains loyal to the novel's heroine, Bathsheba Everdene, throughout the many trials and tribulations they both face during the course of the story.

A Closer Look: Eustacia Vye

An exceedingly pretty rose of soft, glowing apricot pink, each bloom packed with numerous delicately ruffled petals. Held on red-tinged stems, the blooms begin as shallow cups, opening to full rosettes, revealing petals of a richer hue, which gradually pale over time. They have a delicious, strong fruity fragrance. A very healthy variety; it makes a strong vigorous shrub with bushy, upright growth.

A Closer Look: Gabriel Oak

A magnificent variety, bearing large, many petalled rosette blooms - very much in the style of the Old Roses. They are a striking shade of deep pink, the outer petals of each bloom paling slightly over time, creating a most charming effect. The beauty of the blooms is enhanced by a wonderful, strong fruity fragrance. A vigorous rose; it forms a very shapely, broad, rounded shrub with mulberry purple stems and dark green foliage, giving the overall impression of richness and abundance.


As with the wonderful literary classics we were inspired by, we hope our new roses will stand the test of time and continue to bring joy to people in their homes and gardens for years to come.

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