Planting with Pink


Sugary, sweet and completely delectable, pink roses come in every shade and flavour imaginable. Choose candy floss blooms to mix with sugar plum shades or a hot bubblegum pink rose to complement the vibrant tones of strawberry laced blooms. Whichever way you mix your pinks, you can’t go wrong in making a completely delicious sugary statement.

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Queen of Sweden

(Austiger) English Shrub Rose

A prim and perfect rose of a pretty pale pink and elegant, poised upright growth

Prim and pretty, her exquisitely soft apricot-pink buds gracefully open into half-enclosed cups of neat, regular petals arranged in concentric circles. As she blossoms her blooms open wide, creating beautiful shallow cups of pure soft pink, each uniform in size and form. She is upright and poised, providing a very neat and eye-catching shrub.

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Her light-medium fragrance is the lovely classic scent of Myrrh, a subtle yet enticing treat for the senses when planted in hedges or en masse. Alternatively, you can enjoy her scent indoors, with her straight stems displaying well in a vase.


Formal yet delightful, she is named to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Treaty of Friendship and Commerce between Queen Christina of Sweden and Oliver Cromwell of England in 1654.