Rose Care by Region

Roses are incredibly versatile plants and can grow in varying climates. Knowing the ideal climate for growing your chosen rose can help your plants thrive within their new home. Most roses prefer warm climates but many are extremely adaptable and can handle extreme temperatures when cared for correctly.

Rose Care by Climate

Cold Climates

Prolonged periods of exceptionally cold weather can be challenging for roses, but some varieties are hardier than others. Plant your rose deeply, with the base of the stems about 2” – 3” below ground level. It’s a good idea to provide more insulation for your rose during the coldest months by creating a 6” – 12” mound of wood chips, leaves or soil around the base of the plant.

Hot & Dry Climates

Hot and dry climates can present certain challenges for roses, such as dehydration. Planting in some shade can help protect roses from the midday sun. For roses in beds, water deep and occasionally. Roses in pots may need watering daily.

Hot & Humid Climates

Hot and humid climates can be favourable for pests and diseases. As a preventative measure, be sure to spray your roses as advised in your rose care calendar.